Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Links

*This is the trailer for Helldriver, one of the films I saw at BIFF. The trailer makes it look like it's a bit more serious action-y horror, but believe me when I tell you this is one of the most awesome, hilarious and utterly mad films you'll ever see!

*Six writers and their book collecting habits. This kind of made me loose my mind guys!

*10 famous literary characters and their real life inspiration. (Check out the one for Snape!!)

*With 2012 fast approaching,  I suggest all you book bloggers take a look at A Novel Challenge, a blog dedicated to providing info on all the latest challenges.

*These are some pics from a new book coming out called Science Ink. It blows my mind, I wish I was a little more science-y so I could have something this beautiful (and actually understand what it is) tattooed on me!

*This post is a little old, but Amanda (Dead White Guys) wrote a blog post about the difference between parenting and banning books. It's so good to have some time off and be able to just veg out reading old blog entries!

*I haven't done any self-promotion on Monday Links for ages so I thought I'd send you guys in the direction of some of my stuff. If you're on Tumblr (or just like Tumblr) check out my page. It's basically a hodge-podge of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, political thing-os and other sweet stuff that I didn't feel I could really incorporate into this blog.

*Also, while you're at it why not check out my last Fanart Friday post. It's full of extraordinary pictures of the handsome David Tennant as The Doctor (#10) by some remarkable artists. Go know you want to.


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