Friday, November 11, 2011

Fanart Friday: The 10th Doctor

David Tennant is my doctor. I've enjoyed the other actors hired to take on this momentous role but no one else manages to encapsulate the Doctor's sadness, lonliness, quirkiness and huge capacity for both love and anger like dear Mr Tennant. On top of his incredible acting prowess, he managed to endear me with his fantastic knack for dressing in pinstripe suits, long coats and converse shoes, 3D eyewear, *that* hair, and his delightful English accent (though his natural Scottish accent is quite wonderful also!). In honour of my favourite Doctor, the man who battled Darleks and Cybermen, fell in love with Rose Tyler, saved the Earth time and time again and taught us all a few valuable lessons, I've collected a few of the best artistic pieces on DeviantArt. Be sure to continue through the links to see the full-size images and the rest of their collections. Allons-y!!
Doctor Who by Mydogatela

Doctor Whoooo by K9Darkice

The Doctor by Key-0

Tenth Doctor by Nimloth87

Ghost of You by Aimeekitty

The Tenth Doctor by S-von-P

The Doctor by Eryslash

Oh and I probably should mention that this is the first batch in a kind of huge batch of Doctor Who Friday Fanart posts! Hope you're all as in love with DW as I am!


  1. SO cool! I especially like the Doctor as an owl one :) And may I just add, David Tennant's also clearly the best Doctor because he's really really adorable, albeit a teeny bit skinny. But still, yum...

  2. Those were fab. I am a huge Doctor Who fan. David Tennant is probably my favourite next to Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton.



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