Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Links

*"13 punctuation marks that you never knew existed," or as I like to title it, 13 punctuation marks you knew about, but aren't in regular use and have nifty names and shapes.

*One of my current favourite tumblrs, Ugly Renaissance Babies. Warning, some of these will stop you sleeping!

*Daniel Kalder discusses Philip K. Dick's "exegisis" which has recently been published, and it's place within the compendium of PKD eccentricity.

*An opinion piece by Berkeley poetics and poetry professor Robert Hass about the Occupy protests and attacks on campus. Really beautifully written.

*In "honour" of the premiere of Twilight's Breaking Dawn part 1 here are 9 cultural zeitgeists arguably more damaging than Twilight.  Although the article author's number one is uneducated enough to make me want to hunt them down and force some knowledge into their head.

*The ins and outs of bibliotherapy.

*More casting news out of the upcoming Hollywood bastardisation of the immensely amazing and perfect Akira. Ken Watanabe is fantastic but seriously Hollywood, why are you doing this? Why?

*My Christmas give-away will be drawn at 9am tomorrow morning (my time). That gives you exactly 24 hours from the time of this post's posting to make sure you're in!


  1. arghspfkdsoaha, DUMBLEDORE DIED! SO THEY HAD TO REPLACE HIM! I AM VERY ANGRY ABOUT THIS! Also, I'd rather have all The Beatles spawn AND The Beatles, than no Beatles at all. That list has made me quite cross actually lol

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! The HP and Beatles one annoyed the hell out of me, especially the Harry Potter one! I don't think you can use the "replacing" of one actor to mean it's a worse series than Twilight. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the evil redhead vampire is a different actress in the first film and the next film she appears in!

    The commenters made me feel better though, they were quite intelligent and funny.



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