Saturday, November 13, 2010

This week's reading list

I've achieved freedom!!

University is over for another year, perhaps forever if I don't go for honours and I no longer have a set reading list to get through. This means that I can finally start reading for pleasure again, not that I didn't love my uni texts but I have about 30 books in my bookcase that I haven't been able to crack open yet!

So I'm planning to stick my nose in my books and comics for the next 6 weeks until I head to Japan and catch up on all the fantastic books I have lying around. This is partly because I've been itching to read them and partly because immersing myself in them will be a good way to distract myself from spending any money before my holiday!

So this week I am going to be reading the following...

~The Five fists of Science, a graphic novel by Matt Fraction
I love myself a good graphic novel and when I heard about The Five Fists of Science through the grapevine I knew I had to find it and read it. Put simply, in this novel Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla attempt to end war forever. I love seeing history rewritten and the portrayal of alterative personifications of histrorical figures so this story should be alot of fun. From my quick flick through the artwork looks fantastic, very rich in colour and very much how I want my graphic novel to appear visually, so I'm sure to get a few ideas reading this one!

~Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
I'd been holding off reading this until I found a beautiful old edition to add to my collection but it appears than A.K is one of those books people don't like to part with so I've given up and am going to read it now and keep one eye open for that perfect copy. I love Russian literature, I find it very rich and dramatic and am always glued to the pages- although I may falter over the identical surnames on occasion!

~Porno by Irvine Welsh
I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of Welsh's work. I've read it all, just about, and when I found a copy of Porno signed by the legend himself during my trip down to Sydney I squealed with excitement and dashed off to the cash register immediately! Unfortunately that was three months ago and I'm only now getting the chance to crack the cover of the sequel to Trainspotting. Better late than never right? 

I'll probably not get through all three this week but I'll be taking a fair whack at accomplishing it so you never know. I'll post reviews as soon as I'm done. God it feels good to read and write about a book without the threat of failing!!


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