Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Social Network

I'm going to see the Social Network with a friend next Tuesday, a night out to celebrate the end of uni (the weekend will be spent with my mum and cleaning the house) and I'm looking forward to it since I've heard pretty good reviews about the film. More than that though I'm interested in the debate that is sparked regarding the whole social media identity since this movie has been released. Below are two links to two very interesting essays, the first by author Zadie Smith and the second is a reaction piece to Smith's by Alexis Madrigal. I personally find Smith's prose a little flowery and the content overly cynical but it is interesting none the less, Madrigal is much more up my alley, stylisitcally and through content, but decide for yourselves!

Zadie Smith - Generation Why? 

Alexis Madrigal - Literary Writers and Social Media: A Response to Zadie Smith

I probably don't need to mention it but read Smith's essay first!


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