Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Summer Loving

I'm officially on holiday and am certainly trying to make the most of the lack of uni pressures and engagements. Apart from the obvious sleep-ins and catching up on books, movies and TV shows I've been hoarding all semester, I've spent a lot of time browsing the internet, searching for new blogs and websites to fill in these lazy summer days. Here are three of the literary related finds I've made so far.

1. Letters of Note - I came across this website on my weekly visit to passive aggressive notes in one of their sidebars. Basically it is a collection of letters by noteworthy people (who'd have thunk it?!), a copy of the original letter and then a transcript of the letter, which is especially handy when the note is handwritten in a crazy script with the ink half missing due to age. From Earnest Hemingway's opinion on Ezra Pound's racist (and crazy) broadcasts to Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi's advice to an aspiring 14 year old comic artist it makes fascinating reading. It's a look inside some of the world's most popular and impressive characters.When you read some of these letters and recognise the jealousy or anger or passion hidden within their words aspects of their persona click into place and you gain such a wonderfully new understanding of the person, It's really quite fantastic. I think my favourite (although perhaps that isn't the right word to use) is the letter asking about the value of a signed John Lennon album, I don't want to say any more because I don't want to take anything away from the letter, but it gave me chills.

2. Out of Print blog - For anyone who hasn't visited this site it is the home to some very wonderful t-shirts that are perfect for anyone hooked on phonics. I've long been a fan of the out of print clothing company and eagerly awaited their move into female sizes and styles.Although I haven't yet bought myself a shirt (how do I choose just one!) I return to the site regularly to gaze adoringly at the merchandise (my oh my that beautiful jumper for Pride and Prejudice - I can put aside my hatred for that author and novel for something so lovely!). While I've known of the site for awhile I only recently discovered their blog, and what a blog it is! Aside from updates regarding the store it is packed with literary related treasures, from music related literary news (an interview with The Books is the latest entry) to advising readers how to 'adopt a word,' to informing readers on the myriad of craft projects making the rounds on the interwebs that revolve around books. Not only it is centred on what I love (books, books and more books!) but it is giving me some excellent ideas for what to do with my busy hands this holiday period!

3. What Claudia Wore - A blog dedicated to Claudia Kishi from Baby Sitter's Club!! That book series pretty much sums up my childhood, I devoured those books and adored the characters, so this blog is a welcomed blast from the past! One part style blog - highlighting the fashionista subplots through the series or matching our favourite babysitter's (usually Claudia's) fashion with current trends, and one part gentle mockery - so many posts pointing out the sillyness of the covers or story lines, and a whole lot of happy reminiscing by blogger Kim and her many readers. Most importantly Kim made a connection I don't think I ever would have (considering how long it has been since I've read a BSC book), she attributes her overuse of parenthesis to the series, as they too seemed to love chucking bits of text between the brackets, as do I. Finally it makes sense!! Perhaps it is a generation thing and there are dozens more of us parenthesis-a-holics out there, all of whom were created by this delighted book series! I couldn't mention What Claudia Wore without mentioning Entropificus and her What Is You Childhood Trauma series of illustrations. The talented Phi has taken it upon herself to recreate outfits worn by Claudia on her blog. I implore you to take a look and see her wonderful recreations of the outfits we spent our childhood's imagining!


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