Monday, November 22, 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


This set of photographs bring a slight tear to my eye and a massive smile to my face. After seeing his grandmother seemed a little down in the dumps photographer Sacha Goldberger hatched a plan to brighten his grandmother's day.

The result was a series of photographs with Frederika posed in outrageous costumes in a variety of locations posing in a series of comical and outrageous poses. Not only did the project bring a smile to Frederika's face but the photographs are simply phenomenal. The muted colouring is reminiscent of vintage comics as are the sets, and the lingering smoke in several photos is incredibly evocative.

I absolutely love this project on both an artistic level and a personal level. I'm sure any clouds of loneliness or depression that Frederika suffered through before have now disappeared at these clear signs of a grandson's love and devotion and the world wide support she has received from new fans.  For the full set of photographs and the complete story of why Sacha decided to begin this project and Frederika's phenomenal  WW2 story (I won't do it an injustice by trying to summarise it here- I implore you to give it a look over though, very inspiring) click here and here.


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