Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fifi the Fabulous

Something wonderful landed in my letterbox the other day. 
I recently ordered a pin from Fifi Lapin and it arrived, all wonderful and boxed and tied with a bow.

For anyone unlucky enough to not be familiar with Fifi Lapin she is only the most fabulous and fashionable bunny in the world (declared by Vogue no less). Whether in a stylish adaptation of a drummer boy's uniform or a pastel dress with multicoloured crown Fifi the "haress" rocks every outfit she wears.

As well as being able to appropriate Fifi's image on pins and prints she updates her blog regularly with images of her wearing the latest trends sweeping the fashion world.

Get your hands on one of the limited edition pins or prints here and keep up to date with her fashion forward blog here.


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