Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Signal by Paul Duffield

When I went to collect the post this afternoon there was a little something waiting for me in my letterbox. It was Paul Duffield's beautiful self-published graphic novel (or novella I suppose because it is quite short - and wordless) Signal. Paul Duffield came to my attention as the illustrator of the Freakangels webcomic written by Warren Ellis and I happened upon a post on the Whitechapel discussion board which had a few images from Signal. Long story short they blew me away and I had to have it, luckily the price was right (although I'd kill the the limited edition hand bound hard cover but €400 is a little out of my reach!) and with a few clicks it was ordered and I added a note expressing my desire to have Paul sign it for me if possible. The best thing about self-published small projects like this is that you can get them signed at no additional charge, it just makes it so much more special, at least to a book and graphic novel lover like me. I've only had a quick flick through but it is incredible, the illustrations are stunning and the detailing is phenomenal. I can't wait to "read" it properly and assess the complete story Paul has created. Here are a few photos for you to have a look, if you like what you see I advise that you find out a little more about it here at Paul's website.

I apologise for the stupid glare in the pictures, it's a new camera and I haven't quite worked out all the little details!

Front cover of Signal

Signed in silver ink!
So much going on in the first two pages!
The wallpaper is phenomenal in this picture.
A close-up of the broken tiles, I love the detail here!
Back cover


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