Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Help get The Price made - 23 hours to go!

I mentioned a week or so ago a kickstarter project that I have been keeping an eye on. Well it has 23 hours to go and is only $6549 off the $150 000 goal!!! Christopher Salmon is so close to being able to actualise his goal and so impressed by the support of his pledgers that he is offering a one of a kind "1 sheet" movie poster for anyone who increases their pledge! So if you've already donated some money towards this wonderful project then dig around the back of the couch for some spare change and do yourself and Christopher a favour! And if you haven't pledged yet (and have a spare $10 or more) then head over here and help make this film happen!

I have my fingers and all of my toes crossed for Christopher, I can hardly imagine how nervous and excited he must be right now, I bet this'll be one night that he won't get a wink of sleep!

The 1 sheet poster C.Salmon is offering!


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