Monday, June 24, 2013

Harry Potter and the Wrapping Up of the Super Long and Super Awesome Readalong

So after a very computer heavy work week last week I got to Friday and the thought of going near my computer or blog made me want to vomit. So this is very late, but since it's the wrap up post I could hardly skip it could I?

I will keep it short though.

It's been a super enjoyable 6 months, and I actually spent part of last night talking to another group of friends about how awesome HP is and how it's the best series you could ever possibly grow up with and I was mentioning all the dirty references to penises and prefect bathroom nookie and they looked at me in SHOCK! And they're all boys, boys who talk about masturbation in front of me faaaaar too much. So well done ladies, I think that's proof that our readalong is a success!

So thanks to Alice for hosting, thanks for all the awesome posts full of the best gifs and the best nit-picking questions. And a special thanks to Emily to introduced me to my first ever piece of HP fan-fic, and holy crap I loved it. So much more satifying than that ridic epilogue chapter that I refuse to believe actually exists. And now I'm trapped firmly in the 'fan-fic will make me forget the series is over' cycle so maybe I should take back that thanks Emily!

Byeeeee, see you for regular posting about books that aren't Harry Potter and therefore can never come close to the intrinsic fantasticness of this series!

Byeeeee Hogwarts! I'll miss you 


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