Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Links

*A really great, really snarky blog by an anonymous literary agent,  ( Slush Pile Hell via Belle's Bookshelf)

*Flavorwire wonders why there are so few female anti-heroes in film. (Via Flavorwire)

*This is a really gorgeous photo series of much used and discarded library books by Kerry Mansfield (Via NYTimes blog)

*Here's a thing. Someone inserted pictures of authors into sitcoms. (Via Html giant)

*Bet you always thought there was a lot of water on Earth right? Well take a look at this graphic and article and report back. (Via Earth Sky)

*Ummmm, bookish restaurants? Yes please! (Via Flavorwire)

*Stephen King did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and it's worth a look. His answers are pretty short at times, but guys, it's Stephen Freaking King. (Via Reddit)

*I don't think I've mentioned how much I love reading Foz Meadow's blog for awhile, so here's another reminder. She's sharp, well written and she can somehow write about the issues that make me rage without resulting in all caps yelling and calling people poo-faces. (Via ShatterSnipe: Malcontent and Rainbows)


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