Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday Links

*So the Tonys happened and since I'm in Australia and apparently people don't think Australians like Broadway all I have are the youtube clips but holy shit NPH is a great host. And holy shit imagine if all awards shows were as awesome as the Tonys. Also, Jesse Eisenberg NEVER smiles.

*More Joss Whedon! Here's the letter he sent to friends asking them to take part in Much Ado About Nothing. I wish I was his friend. (Via Buzzfeed)

*I KNEW I was right to always wonder whether actors with the same last name were related...here are some freaking crazy famous family connections. (Via Cracked)

*Ever get stuck trying to decide what to read next? Here are 8 websites/apps that can help (Via Apartment Therapy)

*This is cooool. An archaeology site may show that there was over 800 years of ritual sacrifice practiced in Kent. A really interesting read, science yo! (Via Science Blogs)

*Superman hits cinemas soon (wooot!) but if you're new to Superman (is anyone actually?) here's a neat little graphic giving you all the details (Via Buzzfeed)


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