Friday, June 7, 2013

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Readalong Part 3

Ugh Deathly Hallows you are KILLING me.

I got to Dobby's final appearance while I was sitting in my office and before I realised what was happening I had tears running down my cheeks. Thank christ the office was empty because that could have lead to an uncomfortable discussion!
"The Elf had gone where he couldn't call him back" 
As I got older I was a little more meh about Dobby in the series, but when I was 13 and first introduced to him I loved him. I thought he was wonderful and weird and adorable and I loved how easily and openly he loved Harry. So even though by book 7 I wasn't super excited by Dobby's arrival, his death KILLED me. He's so innocent and nice and loyal and never did anything wrong, and he marks the beginning of the end - we're basically going to have another character dead every second page from here on out. Oh, and the line about grief pushing Voldemort out - which Dumbledore would have called love? WAHHHHHHHH!

You know what I want to know? Why doesn't the trio do some good old muggle disguise work? It wouldn't protect them indefinitely, but if Ron dyed his hair dark brown and put on a pair of glasses, Hermione cut her hair super short and went blonde and Harry -- well I don't know what Harry would do because his scar would be the real issue, but if they all made some superficial changes like that it'd be much harder for a death eater to pick up a copy of the Daily Prophet and be like "uh doy, this looks just like you girly".

The final movie/s were probably the best in the series, and mostly because of the AMAZING animation of The Tale of the Three Brothers. It was so freaking cool, and perfect and it made me sad we didn't see creative interpretations like that in the first 6 films. If you haven't seen the film, here's the animation in full.

Full sentences are becoming harder, so here's some bullet points.

*How genius is the taboo? I mean, it basically guarantees that they don't waste their time finding small time folk. THAT'S why Voldemort is the dark lord. 

*"He must have known you'd always come back"  Harry loves his Weezy.


 *I'm sure I read somewhere that JKR meant for the werewolves to be analogous with AIDS sufferers, but the description of Greyback, with his teeth and nails and everything, makes him sound like a creepy ass meth addict.

*Anytime Ron refers to chess like he does when he sees the Lovegood house it makes me sad because it's a reminder of the character he could have been. JKR is just playing with my emotions now.

*"I only said that to make you come to the Lovegoods, I didn't believe it" This is a problem when you're the smartest and de facto leader of the group lady, they take everything you say as gospel.

*I kinda hope Harry took the time to say "nyah nyah nyah, I was right you were wrong" to Hermione. It happens so rarely it would have been hard to hold back.

*More proof to the every growing "wizards are dicks" class action - Harry is seen as weird and odd because he saved a goblin from the torture house that is Malfoy Manor. Get you shit together wizards.

*Can I add Olivander to the list of characters we want books about?

*At the vault could they not use a broom to sweep the goblets, galleons and whatever else off the floor away from them? Do they multiply on human touch or touch of any kind?

I hope everyone has their rage and depression gifs ready for next week's slaughterfest. Ugh, and that abomination of a final chapter.


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