Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 9 - A book you've read more than once

Is this a joke? A book I’ve read more than once? Unless I didn’t enjoy it I’ve read 95% of the books I own several times over! There are a couple of books that stand out as ones that I can read over and over and over without ever growing tired of, Harry Potter (1-7) comes to mind, as does The Power of One, The Dangerous Lives of Alterboys. But I’m trying really hard to use a different book for each day so instead I’m going to pick a book I love and have read multiple times and which I suppose is some what impressive due to its size.

Stephen King

This book was phenomenal! I picked it up when I was travelling down south and was picking up a few books from a second hand book store for the flight home. I got into a conversation with the bookseller about the copy of Misery I was purchasing and he said that if I enjoyed Stephen King I had to check out The Stand. I was intrigued, the bookseller raved about the novel and its complexity and character development for awhile and I made a mental note to pick it up from somewhere. As it would happen I came across it a few days later in a bookstore and immediately picked it up. I devoured all 1153 pages over the course of a weekend, I barely slept and I definitely didn’t waste any time talking to my family or friends! The story absolutely captivated me, the writing combined with the story was fantastic, and I don’t think I’ve ever read characters so well defined.

The accidental release of a virus (also known as Captain Trips) from a military lab decimates the human population of the Earth, leaving a mere 1% of people behind. Here I want to borrow from the Goodreads synopsis, because it’s a kind of perfect summation for me, better than I could probably try to explain…“And here is the bleak new world of the day after…A world in which a handful of panicky survivors choose sides – or are chosen. A world in which good rides on the frail shoulders of the 108-year-old Mother Abigail – and the worst nightmares of evil are embodied in a man with a lethal smile and unspeakable powers: Randall Flagg, the dark man”

So far I've read this book twice, and I intend to re-read it again very soon. I've also begun the graphic novel adaptation and let me tell you, it doesn't let Stephen King down. It is simply amazing, just like the original it is based off.I don't really know what else to say about it, except if you haven't read it yet, add it to your TBR shelf!


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