Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 10- The first novel you remember reading

This is a tough one. My mum is one of the biggest bookworms I know, and for as far back as I can remember I was mimicing her with my nose in some book or another. I read alot of series when I was younger, The Baby-Sitter's Club, Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps and anything like that was always piled high in front of me at the library, as was anything by Roald Dahl. So I guess that's what I'll go with, not because it is the first novel I remember reading, but because I know that anything by Dahl was favoured by me from an early age!

By Roald Dahl

I remember quite distinctly watching the film of this at around the same time as I read it and I found both quite frightening, this probably pre-dated my foray into the Goosebumps world actually and maybe it was the catalyst for my love of all things supernatural and creepy.

This story is about real witches, not the fairytale style witches with the tall black hats and warts on their noses. A young boy, warned by his grandmother about the danger of these witches finds himself smack bang in the middle of a hotel of them when they meet for their big witch convention. Adventure ensues as does some lovely Dahl types whimsy (of course). I actually desperately need to re-read this because I'm really clutching at straws trying to remember the plot of it, but what I do remember is having a deep distrust for old ladies with curly hair (thanks to the movie) and rich people (because they so closely resembled the hauty expressions of the witches in the movie adaptation) but also I remember absolutely loving it, and reading it over and over again.

So since I've been so sketchy with the details I'm going to compensate with a clip from the film adaptation so you can get a glimpse into this wonderful creation by Mr Dahl.


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