Friday, December 17, 2010


I'd been feeling rather morose after the tragedy that took place off Christmas Island two days ago, but after reading the comments on some columns  that quickly changed to anger. I love being Australian and living in this beautiful country but more and more I am growing frustrated at the backwards thinking of so many people here. I'm aware that the most hate-filled and ignorant people tend to be the most vocal, but thanks to the internet their vile vitriol is appearing to be indicative of the nation at large. The fact that so many people have no moral concern over bitching about the asylum seeker 'issue' when dozens of people lost their lives and many more had to watch their loved onces succumb to the violent seas so recently makes me want to catch the first plane overseas and fake an accent so no-one knows that I have any connection to my 'countrymen'. If you choose to concentrate on the unbelievable sadness of this event over the political implications you are declared a 'lefty' who is trying to cover for the Government they voted in. The ignorance and hate is SUFFOCATING ME.


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