Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday Links

*^Jennifer Lawrence is the MOST adorable.

*10 things that happen to your brain when you read (Via OEDB)

*A 14 year old has become something of an online pariah and hero after her fantastic protest sign in Texas. She is so articulate and awesome and I'm so proud that a 14 year girl is standing up for her rights as a woman. Also online bullies are the worst (Via XO Jane)

*So a Fight Club sequel is happening... (Via Uproxx)

*How Skins quietly rejected the manic pixie dream girl archetype (Via Flavorwire)

*I've always known there are a lot of connections between Stephen King books, but this collection of them will make your head explode. For reals. (Via Buzzfeed)

*Let's stop using feminism as an exuse for loving Sex and the City (Via Flavorwire)

*Jane Austen is on the 10 Pound note y'all (Via The Huffington Post)


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