Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I NEED YOU (to give me accomodation and travel advice for the US/Canada)

I'm going to be in America and Canada in basically no time at all. November 28th I fly over. THAT'S BASICALLY TOMORROW.

So I need to start booking my shit. But to book my shit I really need some of that insider information that I know you all have, because you're magical and all Americans know everything about all America right? (and the same with Canadians yes?)

So here's our itinerary (at this stage, it could change).

Fly into L.A
Fly to Washington
Train to New York
Train to Boston
Fly to Montreal
Train to Quebec City
Train to Toronto
Fly to L.A
Fly home (sad panda)

And here's what I need to know, what are the best flights for cheap, reliable travel? I've been using the generic webjet style sites to get an idea - but there's probably secret-y secrets for best booking right?

And does anyone have any hotel/hostel recommendations for these places? We've booked New York (I am EXCITE), and I think we have a B&B locked in for Q.C, but if there are any we should check out (or avoid!) let me know.

And then, of course, any must-see things or must-visit places? Alley sent me the list to end all lists but I'm relying on the internets for all my Canada stuff.

Muchos gracias!!


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