Friday, July 26, 2013

Blog Friends are Awesome Ninja Bookish Gift Givers

Living in Australia SUCKS sometimes, mainly when you know there are packages coming your way and they take weeks and weeks to finally arrive. Maybe that's less about living far away and more about having the patience of a 5 year old, but whatever. Today I came home from work to not one but TWO packages from bloggers!

The wonderful Nahree (Etudesque) and Hanna (Booking in Heels) both sent me packages as part of the Ninja Bookswap that Hanna and Bex were hosting...Although Nahree and my swap was technically an unofficial after-the-fact swap. And both went above and beyond, cementing themselves as two of the greatest blogging ladies that ever did live.

These are my books, they are the most wonderful. 

I want to show you everything, so let's start with Nahree's package!

This is what I saw when I cut through the tape on the box. LOOK AT ALL THE GOODIES! And how perfect is the timing, because now I have fantastic tasty snacks for the mini-readathon this weekend. What snacks did I get, I hear you ask. Well, let me show you in a shot by shot account of the contents (guys I'm really excited, it's like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one so shhhhh)!

Look at all the noms to be had!
Goldfish! I am EXCITE!
Amazing right??!!

That's the whole package in all it's splendour. Along with the tasty lollies, snacks and tea, I got Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job and Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake. And a great little letter from Nahree in a wax-sealed envelope. A WAX SEALED ENVELOPE GUYS, THAT'S BASICALLY MY LETTER FROM HOGWARTS.

See, see, see!

And then I opened Hanna's gift, which was wrapped up all prettily, but silly Kayleigh didn't take a photo.

Look at those books! Just look at them! So shiny and pretty and just begging to be read. Ever since I read The Eyre Affair earlier this year I've been desperate to read some more Jasper Fforde, and the concept of this book (plus that fantastic cover) sounds perfect for my next Fforde. And it's about time I jumped on board the Flynn train and read Gone Girl because I've been so careful to avoid reviews and spoilers and I don't know how much longer I can keep that up!

And what about that brooch!

Isn't it just the prettiest? 
Hanna said it was from a local craft fair - and it's so pretty that I'm going to try and work out how to include it in my Harry Potter party costume so I can start showing it off immediately. I was going to go as Luna, but now I'm thinking McGonnagal might be the way to go, because this could almost be a witchy-Scottish-thistle-wreath right, if I have it embellishing a piece of tartan? Yes? Yes, DONE.

So I am officially spoiled rotten, and now have the unpleasant task of choosing which book to read first (suggestions?), which snack to eat first, and how to wear that brooch tomorrow night. Thank you so much Hanna and Nahree. Oh man, you two...

So much great!


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