Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday Links (on Tuesday)

*This theory is kind of ridiculous and amazing and it's all about how the Pixar films take place in the same world/reality. (Via Buzzfeed)

*David Simon, creator of The Wire, has some things to say about the Trayvon Martin case. (Via Warming Glow)

*And while we're on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial, one of the jurors has a book deal. Ron Hogan raises some legitimate concerns about how the juror manages to get a book deal within 48 hours of the trial's end. (Via Buzzfeed)

*The blog Native Appropriations was following the production of The Lone Ranger, and has written a review of the film now that it's out. (Via Native Appropriations)

*Turns out the iron throne on GOT is for pussies. The book version is epic, terrifying and 100% more dangerous. (Via Uproxx)

*Because everyone likes a good comeback, especially out of the mouth of awesome literary and political folk (Via Buzzfeed)

*Kathryn Shulz does not like the Great Gatsby (any form) and here's why (Via Vulture)

*Oldish news at this point, but it turns out JKR wrote a novel under a male pseudonym. That's all well and dandy, but where's my Grindelwald book already! (Via The Age)

*Because I had to read this shitty book, I demand everyone read the review so that I feel like it was worth something. I also rail against anti-divorce sentiments, misogyny and rape so yay? (Via ME!)

*The other week Meg said that she didn't think 50 Shades deserved to be on Book Riot's well-read list, and I 100% agree but I also feel a little weird criticising something I haven't read (not that I needed to read 50 Shades to know it would be garbage). But guess what, Jennifer Armintrout read the book and recapped each chapter so that we would know what's going on without reading it! It's equal parts hilarious and infuriating - as in Jenny's commentary is hilarious, and the book's content is infuriating. Thanks to Raych for mentioning it on her blog. (Via Sweaters for Days)


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