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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Readalong post 3

Ok, so before I get into this section proper I have a new theory on an old discussion. We have talked endlessly about school fees and I have come to the conclusion that yes, they do have fees. My reasoning is that if they didn't, why would the Weasleys be so poor? Sure they have 7 kids, but they spend 9 months away from the family home being fed and housed, so aside from a lump sum at the start of each semester for new books and gear they should have a fair amount to spare while school's in. Surely a ministry wage is enough to support two people at home, with money leftover to save for the start of semester. But since they seem to be struggling with money all the time, there must be some other factor gobbling up their funds. Of course, Mr Weasley could have a secret gabbling addiction, or Mrs Weasley could be funnelling 100s of galleons a year into Lockhart books....


Dancing at the Yule Ball
This section is awesome and terrible (poor Hagrid!) for a number of reasons but it's remarkable to me because it's when the lightbulb finally went off that Hermione and Ron were totally in love and the would-they-wouldn't-they thing would be going on between the two of them until they finally stopped being stubborn and just kissed each other on each other's mouth. I just wish they wouldn't be so nasty to each other in the meantime, come on guys, can't we all be friends?

But poor Hagrid, a wonderful night of dancing is soured when he comes clean to his tall lady love and she shuts him down (seriously woman, who are you kidding?) and then is made even worse when that bitch Skeeter (seriously, I hate her so much, and not in a gurl-you-so-bad kind of way) slams him in that "article". Not only is it further proof that wizards are dicks, but it's Hagrid. He's like a grown up Neville, YOU DO NOT HURT HIM OK! So it makes my heart swell when HRH finally force their way in and join forces with Dumbledore to convince Hagrid he's actually quite a lovely fellow and he shouldn't listen to mean ladies with lying quills. It makes me want to cry when he talks about his dad and why he thinks Harry will win. He's such an earnest character, I love him so, so much. And how great is it when he ends his self-imposed banishment and comes out all 'whatevs like I even care' and proves he's a kick ass Care of Magical Creatures teacher. He's like, unicorns? Screw you old lady, I'm going to catch some baby unicorns which by the law of the internet are 10,000 times cuter than old stinky adult ones. And then I'm going to show these stupid kids nifflers which are adorable AND like shiny things - so they're like two wins in one. Suck it fools.

And then we have the second task, which Harry only just manages to make it to, and it's perhaps my favourite task because it best shows Harry as Harry will come to be. Even when he's a little bit stupid (or a lot. I mean seriously dude, did you actually think Dumbledore would kill students to punish you for failing? Hogwarts safety precautions are lax but not that bad) first and foremost he is loyal, noble to a fault (there's that stupidity thing again) and brave. It's just as important to save a stranger as it is his best friend, and no competition is worth enough to leave people potentially in danger. It manages to show both his faults and his virtues, and paves the way for his often stupid but always well-meaning and brave decisions in the next three books. I also really love that the mer-people are creepy and that they're led by a woman. Those scaly folk know what's what.

Extra thoughts for your dollar

*Just to add to the house elf debate from last week, on p331  Dobby uses the term enslavement to describe the house elves situation.

*I'm really glad Fleur is brought back later, because I disliked her A LOT in this book, but I hated disliking her because I knew I was being told to feel that way about her. At least later she has a bit more substance to her character, so if you still hate her you're hating her on your terms.

*I like how responsible Sirius is in this book. He's the adult Harry needs in his life.

*Does anyone remember reading whether Skeeter was based on a real journo? I felt like that Hermione scene with the hate mail was probably based off mail she received (howlers excluded obvs) after some journo bashed her for dating Gordon Ramsay or something. (she didn't date Gordon Ramsay did she? I just make that up, and I think I'd die if she actually did)

*You become a prefect for the bathroom right?

*Why does Cedric have to be so cryptic with his help? It's not like Harry was like, "hey Cedric, to prepare for the first task maybe take a jump in a volcano - it'll be like that but mobile"

*For some reason I always imagine Ron's dress robes are really slim fitting, like Morticia from the Addam's family. No idea why, but it's hilarious and I recommend you all do the same.

*I can never decide how I feel about Hermione's 'transformation' at the ball- it's too close to the slew of 90s films   about the ugly girl becoming beautiful enough for the handsome guy, but was actually pretty all along and why does she need to take off painter's overalls to be considered beautiful huh? Although I respect Hermione being like, 'yeah dude too much work, I'll save that shit for my wedding or something' - because I know those feels lady.

Is everyone psyched for next week's final installment, also known as that-time-when-the-evil-dudes-got-real-chatty-and-talked-on-and-on-and-on-for-several-chapters?


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