Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Pushing Daisies

I only discovered Pushing Daisies last year but it took me all of one minute to fall head over heels in love with it. It seems to have received a resurgence in popularity recently, something I'm guessing is a result of star hottie Lee Pace snapping up a bunch of film roles lately (Twilight, The Hobbit, Lincoln). Anyway, I was taking a stroll through the Pushing Daisies Tumblr tag and I had an urge to collate a post urging all you Pushing Daisies neophytes to get into this show ASAP. But because pictures speak louder than words (and absolutely not because I'm lazy), this is going to a post full of gifs and screenshots rather than lengthy proclamations about the merits of this show.

The Premise
Ned, our adorable eyebrowed leading man, is a pie-maker with the gift of bringing the dead back to life. With a touch of a finger he gives them life, with a second touch they die again for good. Together with grumpy PI Emerson, Ned solves crimes by reawakening the dead and asking who their murderer was. One such victim turns out to be his long lost childhood sweetheart, Chuck, a girl so sweet she gives me cavities every time I watch her on screen. He brings her back to life, falls in love, but alas can never touch her or else she'll die for good this time. Pies, murder and lovely love ensue in this clever, quirky and heart-warming show.

Check out below for the goodness...

1. Lee Pace as Ned, protagonist, pie-maker, owner of adorable eyebrows.

2. Emerson and Olive, an unlikely but adorable pair of detectives (or 1 detective and 1 detective wannabe)

3. The synchronised swimming, agoraphobic aunts

4. The charming costumes

5. The sweet crusted store front

6. Chuck and Ned's proxy kisses and embraces

7. Olive's random burst-into-song moments

8. Emerson Cod's sassiness

9. Jim Dale's charmingly charming narration

10. PIE!


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