Saturday, March 9, 2013

Young Americans

It's only March but already I am super excited for the end of the year! The flights are officially booked! From the 28th of November till the 4th of January Tom and I will be making our way around North America!

So, we know we're definitely going to visit New York, Toronto, Montreal and Boston but since we're flying into and out of L.A we're also considering visiting San Francisco and maybe Washington DC. It all depends on time though.

 Our trouble now is deciding where to go exactly, and when. Do we do New Years in New York or in Toronto? Where do we spend Christmas? Are there festivals or events that we really should see while we're over there? Where's the best skiing? For beginners? What are the best hostels or hotels in these cities? Do we fly or take buses/trains? Are there sites we should visit for cheap flights?  What are the local must see spots that we won't find in the lonely planet guides?

This is where your fancy faces come in. I am eagerly hoping you'll all add your advice in the comments section so that this end of year trip can be the most amazing one possible. Also, if it's possible to catch up with any of you that'd be wonderfully wonderful! We can drink drinks and visit book stores and get into loud debates over the merits of whatever book is popular at the end of the year. It will be brilliant! And to return the favour, if you ever decide to visit Australia I will send you super long emails filled with the best places to visit and how to save money in this very expensive country of mine.


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