Thursday, March 28, 2013

Best Australian Blogs - GIVE ME YOUR VOTES!

Guys, I have a favour to ask. It's only a little one and it'd mean the world to me.

 I am entered into the Best Australian Blogs competition and I would very much like to win People's Choice, so I need you to vote for me! It'll take you less than a minute and would earn you MASSIVE brownie points, and actual brownies if you'd like!

So all you need to do is head to the voting page (link in the picture above and in the button on the side of my blog) and select my blog. It's listed as Nylon Admiral on the bottom of the third page, and then you just need to include your details and done! It's open until the 30th of April, but why not get it over and done with now? You will earn my eternal love, and I'll devise a rap song about your pretty face that I'll sing every night before I go to bed, and eventually pass on to my children.

So with the prospect of brownies and eternal rap songs on the line, you wouldn't not vote for me right? Right!

Lee Pace thanks you too


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