Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Links

*^One of our current affairs TV shows took a stand against one of the independent parties in Australia which is very vocal about their homophobia.

*Here is a list of books that should be brought to the screen, or should be remade with a new director/creative team. Not sure I agree about Whedon remaking HP, but David Lynch directing Twilight sounds amazing. (Via Flavorwire)

*Yikes, the original voice of Charlie Brown was arrested for stalking AND making death threats. (Via The AV Club)

*An article about and collection of pictures from the current New York University retrospective "Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg" (Via Gallarist NY)

*Will someone please buy me the Harry Potter Wizards Collection? With a cherry on top? (Via HP Wizards Collection)

*A newish book tumblr that's full of lovely images and quotes (Via Teaching Literacy)

*But the best tumblr find of the week? Kanye West Wing. Just go there now please. (Via Kanye West Wing)

*30 Rock is amazing, and Liz Lemon will forever remain my spirit animal. So in honour of the impending end of the series, here's a list of 10 eps that show how it flipped the sitcom on it's head (Via AV Club)


  1. *ignores all the links* Ooooh, I likes how your blog looks! *waves bye*

    1. Thanks miss! The original template I was working just gave up the other day, but I couldn't be bother going the template route again. This'll do!



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