Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mini-readathon updates and conclusion

So taking part in a readathon the day I get back from a holiday perhaps wasn't my finest idea, but it's a mini-readathon so how the heck could I resist? 

Because I'm on the other side of the world (and all upside down and stuffs) I'm taking part in this readathon at super weird hours of the day, and this isn't really working for me so far!

Basically this is how it's gone so far: 

1am: One hour till it begins, hmmmm, nap? nap. 

4am: WHOOPS. Shit, better get reading. 

5.30am: So much joy reading Harry Potter, but my god I'm tired 

6.30am: wakes up from another nap.

7am: Ugh, what the hell Kayleigh - get your shit together!

But I don't care! I'm going to finish Harry Potter damn it, and I've tweeted and commented and that's just as much what the readathon is about rigggghht? 

As for my mini-ness, I'm doing everything on my phone (a mini-computer you might say), laying down with my mini-cat (or kitten to the experts) and taking lots of mini-naps. I don't really have any mini-snacks since I just got back from my holiday, except for way too many funsize chocolate bars sold in one great big box. 

And most importantly, I'm reading Harry Potter (who isn't?) which is for mini people, about mini people and is the miniest in the series. And if I finish I'm going to read Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman which is a collection of mini-stories. 

I'll take the obligatory book photo and food photo once I'm a little further with my reading, because at this stage this shit is getting EMBARRASSING! Photo added, note the adult HP cover (boo! hiss! I know everyone hates these!) and the not even looked at Gaiman anthology. If you're wondering what I look like eating those delicious mini-chocolates, here's an illustrated rendition....

It was 4am afterall

End of Readathon Conclusion:

I disappointed Dumbledore *hangs head in shame*

So I didn't finish Harry Potter, but I did get half way through AND hit on several questions that I think i'll be discussing in my first readalong post. Expect a lot of confusion about ages and toilets - and suitable gifs to go along. 

Also, this amped me up so much for the readalong (take part you fools, it'll be giftastic) that I went out and bought the film series on bluray (on sale!!) and I'm going to watch each film after I finish each book as suggested by and discussed with Brie over at Eat Books. Anyone who wants to take part definitely should let me know, and we can try and arrange a mass watchalong on Twitter that hopefully is at a more suitable time for me! 

Also, I came across a HP wand DIY while looking for gifs and now I'm going to make myself one and one for Laura, and if anyone wants I can either document the making here on the blog or I can make you one and send it to your home and you can use it to flip pages as you take part in the readalong or float food from the fridge or something. Just let me know yo.

Anyway, I had a god damn ball even if I napped through most of it and I loved tweeting and meeting all of you and i'm SUPER PSYCHED about the readalong now. Like, unbelievably so. 



  1. You get ALL THE POINTS for joining up even though the timing is horrible for where you are! I am also not doing well on the actual-reading front, so I support your decision to tweet about how much reading you're (not) doing. We can be the lazy contingent together!

  2. Yes, extra points for you! You can take all my points, because I orginally signed up to do the mini readathon but then forgot about it and i woke up this morning with the nastiest of all possibly nasty headcolds.

    1. Awww, feel better soon! Given the ROUSING SUCCESS of this one, I'm sure there will be another!

    2. Headcolds are actually the worst, so I hope you feel better asap!

  3. Well that's attractive. I definitely wanted to see that!


    1. But if I nap I'll never get to hang out with you cool kids!

  4. Good job reading even though that is no time for reading! Harry Potter does make everything better. Enjoy your fun-sized chocolate!

    1. They were so flippin' good but I ate all the good ones way too quickly and was stuck with Turkish Delight for the last hour or so. Gross.



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