Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Links

*^The Stark kids beat-box and rap over the Game of Thrones intro. Utterly adorable.

*Fabbity fab authors play with pets. Mark Twain with a kitten on his shoulder is my favourite (Via Flavorwire)

*Neil Gaiman's dog, Cabel, died and Gaiman wrote an amazing article in memory of his canine buddy. Grab some tissues. (Via Neil Gaiman's Journal)

*Like Murakami? Like being organised? Like apps? Well if you have an iPhone/iPad you can combine all three. I would really, really, really like to purchase this but apparently people still aren't aware of the fact that android has over 50% of the market share. Whatevs. (Via The Bookseller)

*Were you aware Ryan Gosling was almost a Back Street Boy? That's about all there is to the story, but follow the link for the most amazing Baby Goose (get it? get it?!) gif. (Via uproxx)

*A member of the opposition in NZ has decided to demand that Peter Jackson pay NZ back for the tax subsidies they were given for filming there. Apparently he doesn't understand how tax breaks or politics work, so par for the course for a politician yes? (Via Stuff)

*A great new (to me) tumblr that'll surely make you giggle. (via Lousy Book Covers)

*Literary themed graffiti found around the world. I love Hemingway's eyes. (via flavorwire)


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm crying at my desk over that post from Neil Gaiman. How heartbreaking, but beautiful.

    1. So sad.

      I think the last pet eulogy that made me this weepy was when Dr Harry said goodbye to his border collie.

  2. Thanks for the heads up in the Murakami app - I am definitely getting that...

    1. No worries! My fingers are crossed that they decide to expand to Android

  3. Gosling was nearly a Backstreet Boy?! That's the funniest everrrrr! Although he would have rocked it, OBVS!

    Also, ooooh, Murakami app....... Hmmmm... *ponders actually BUYING an app*

    1. I thought about you the second I saw that app Laura!



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