Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Links

1. Sleepy Sweet Dee                                                                       2. Shoulder Sweet Dee
*Look!!! I got a kitten! She's called Sweet Dee and she's amazing and cute and I kinda want to just eat her up completly.

*The best typos and errors made by media outlets this year (Via The Atlantic Wire)

*Ever wondered what advice you'd be given if you were dating in the 1930s? Here's my personal favourite "remember that women are like flowers, a little squeezing makes them the more fragrant" - be sure to read the rest, they're brilliant in their awfulness (Via Huffington Post)

*Buzzfeed compiled a list of writer-ly and reader-ly people's top 2012 books. I added at least three new books to my Goodreads TBR! (Via Buzzfeed)

*So Lena Dunham's book proposal leaked, and Gawker posted it for all to see. Then Dunham set her lawyer on them, so they got catty and it's fabulous. [You may not enjoy this if you think Lena Dunham is everything she thinks she is] (Via Gawker)

*Here's a novel idea... bad reviews = good for authors? Or at the very least, grassroots criticism is happening people, so deal with it. (Via Huffington Post)

*Because I love Christmas, here are 49 recipes that taste like Christmas....they're basically all peppemint-centric but yummmm (Via Buzzfeed)

3. Tom, Sweet Dee and Me                                                     4. Halting my attempts at work 


  1. Congrats on the new kitty! She is ADORABLE!

    1. Thank you! She is the prettiest, weirdest and sookiest kitten that ever did live.

  2. *whispers* I kind of do think Lena Dunham is everything she thinks she is.

    Glad I got that off my chest! YAY KITTY! I love that shoulder photo so much :)

    1. :( Oh Laura...At least we have Stephen King and Breaking Bad, it's OK i'll still be your friend.

      She's like a little monkey, she has this weird fascination with climbing on our shoulders and playing with my hair. Super cute, but super strange too.

  3. ADORABLE pics! Kitteh! I want a pet so bad. I'm a dog person (can we still be friends?) so I desperately want a puppy. We're not allowed pets in our apartment though ;(

    I have never watched Girls but from what I've seen of Lena Dunham she annoys me immensely.

    1. Still friends :) I'm definitely a cat person, but I'm not one of those "cats are the greatest, dogs are stupid heads" people (they're the worst - why do you need to dislike one? Really?!)

      Girls isn't bad - it's like Sex and the City with younger, less secure and settled girls (if you can call Carrie and her mob secure and settled?) but ugh, Lena Dunham is kinda the worst.



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