Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Links

*I've really been digging the Hawkeye Inititive that's been going on this last week or so. Basically artists have redrawn comic covers exchanging the female for the male character Hawkeye. It's an eye-opener, and here are some of the best. (Via Uproxx)

*I love my books, and I love my shelves - even if they are messy as hell. If you're looking for a present for a bookshelf lover like myself, maybe check out these custom book shelf pictures (Via Ideal Bookshelf)

*More baking goods from me, German gingerbread this time! (via Me)

*Ever Imagined what it'd be like if the artist Norman Rockwell painted the masked inhabitants of Gotham City? No? Well too bad, because I have a link for it anyway! (Via Buzzfeed)

*Has everyone discovered the magic that is Jon Hamm? God I hope so. Anyway, you can now buy a Jon Hamm colouring book. Of course. (Via Incredible Things)


  1. Jon Hamm colouring book?! Yes please!

  2. That Jon Hamm colouring book is basically the best thing ever, EXCEPT for the Ryan Gosling one that I've also seen somewhere... :D

    1. I'm pretty sure this one is by the same people - whoever came up with the idea of handsome dude colouring books is a genius!



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