Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crafty Christmas Ideas and Links

I have always enjoyed crafting my own Christmas decorations or gifts, so here are a list of awesome Christmas craft ideas that are amazing, creative, fun, and potentially great gifts. Have fun!

1. Wall Pocket Advent Calendar. It's probably a little to late to try and get this made for this Christmas, but I absolutely love how this project looks and it reminds me of the (much smaller scale) calendar my mum made for our family, which used to house milky ways, skittles and bouncy balls on each day leading up to Christmas. I'm definitely going to make this one next year though, I think it could be a lovely new tradition to start up.  (Via The Crafty Crow)

2. Rolled Paper Ornaments. These look a little trickier, but the effect is sensational. If you have the patience and the skill, these could be a real winner. (Via Paper Plate and Plane)

3. Book Page Flower Ornament. I know some of you wince every time I mention a craft idea that involves cutting up books, but seriously these look wonderful. Although they aren't particularly christmas-y, not all decorations have to be your typical angel, bell or santa! (Via  Under the Table and Dreaming)

4. 49 DIY card ideas. There are some really great ideas here (the photobooth ones are my favourite) that if I hadn't already sent out my cards I'd be doing right now. Whether you like to stamp, sew, craft, cook there is an idea for you! (Via Buzzfeed)

5. Hot Cocoa tree ornament. Possibly one of the cutest gift ideas I've ever seen. I've always loved the gifts of cocoa or cookie recipes layered in a jar ready for use, but this one really hits another level! Placing the cocoa in a transparent tree ornament with a little snowman? To die for! Just a pity the humidity would never allow me to try this one out :( (Via Lucy at Craftberry Bush)

6. Origami Garland. This particular tutorial could be replicated as is, or you could do your own thing and take the stars and make them into single decorations to hang from the tree or window, or into long sweeping garlands draped across doorways or mantels. The possibilities are endless! (Via Cee Lew)

7. Recycled CD Holiday Ornament. For those of you who like to recycle and reuse old items, this one would be perfect! Again, it's more a guide to show you the possibilities, but whether you replicate their idea specifically, or do your own thing I'm sure it'd look a treat. (Via Fave Crafts)

8. 33 Creative Ornament ideas.  Some of these are dead easy, some look like they need high levels of patience and skill, but either way they'd make gorgeous additions to any tree or home. (Via Buzzfeed)

9.  Christmas Carol Ornament. This pretty silver ornament uses sheet music to create a personalised decoration, but you could just as easily use a book, or even a comic for something a little brighter and wilder. This one is quite similar to the tutorial I'm going to put up soon, so I think I'll try this one out since it'll match so well with my other homemade decorations! (Via Fave Crafts)

10. Mosaic Decoration. I have my own bauble DIY coming up, but I had to share this one too because they look amazing. In fact, these could easily be made on a larger scale and used as decorations throughout the year if you really wanted. Match them to your Christmas colour scheme, or make them in your family/friend's favourite colour as a personalised gift.

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  1. Fun! I used to be really crafty for Christmas but I haven't done anything in years. Maybe this year I should give it a go.



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