Friday, April 13, 2012

Fanart Friday: Dr Seuss

I loved Dr Seuss as a kid. I think we had just about the complete collection of his books, and I was always forcing my parents to read the same few over and over for our bedtime story. The stories and illustrations helped open my imagination to a world that I never would have experienced without his help. Now, as an adult, I can clearly see the impact the books have on the person I am now. I'm unashamedly weird, love blending adult with child (i.e. my ever growing collection of KidRobot Dunny toys) and take a particular pleasure in twisted rhyming schemes, bright colours, moralistic stories and slightly absurd illustrations. It's because of him (and Roald Dahl) that I take so much joy out of the work by Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton and Ralph Steadman which also take on realistic situations and twist them into something slightly askew and absolutely magical. So in honour of this wonderful and creative man (I was watching Horton Hears a Who the other night, that's what sparked this choice) here are some wonderful tributes. Be sure to click through the links to take a closer look at these pictures and the rest of the artwork these artists have created.

Dr Seuss' the Lorax by Gaberose

Dr Seuss Sleeve Sketch by Hoviemon

DSC- Dr Seuss by Rkw0021

Last Supper of Dr Seuss by Orange42

Seuss? by Lokiscape

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  1. Love Doctor Seuss. Green Eggs and Ham was always my favourite.



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