Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Links

*Book Brick art by Daryl Fitzgerald.

*Sad news. Our new State Premier has decided the first thing to do in office is eliminate the Quensland premier Literary Award, which was a wonderful award which helped Queensland writing flourish for many years. I can't even describe how disappointed I am, so here is a run down on what they are and why they're so marvellous. (Via The Writing Bar)

*RiverRun Bookstore has a new online service which will select the perfect book for you and send it straight to your door. I'm intrigued... (Via RiverRun Bookstore)

*Laura has recently reviewed both The Hunger Games and Battle Royale over at her blog. You should visit and read them. Like now. OK! (Via Devouring Texts)


  1. So sad about the demise of the Queensland literary award. A blow against writing and literature somewhere is a blow against those things everywhere.

    Do you read Shelf Awareness? Is that how you know about RiverRun bookstore? 'Cause you know a lot more about what's happening with bookstores near me than I know about what's happening in bookstores near you. Myopic American that I am, apparently.

  2. I do read Shelf Awareness, but I found out about RiverRun on twitter when they came up as a recommended follow.

    I'm worried that the elimination of this award will mean they start cutting other arts funding. We've got some great in-library workshops and classes that are funded by the government and it would be devastating to lose them. Apparently our State Government thinks it's fine if we leave culture to the southern states.

  3. *applauds self for appearing in Monday Links again*! Thank you! I really did bloody love Battle Royale you know.. Kind of want to watch it again. Already.



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