Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Links

*In case you were after a longer review of the fantastic new(ish) graphic novel American Vampire than I provided last week head over to Booking in Heels. It's a rockin' review. (Via Booking in Heels)

*Here's a link that'll mean very little to most of you, but here are the top ten independent book stores in my home town of Brisbane (Via Concrete Playground)

*I've started a new feature over on my horror blog called Watch This, Not That. So if you want some real mini-movie reviews of which horror movies must be watched then take a trip over there. (Via me!)

*An amazing book sculpture/art installation in Madrid. (Via The Wheeler Centre)

*Got an essay due that you just don't want to write? Why not try Essay Typer? Don't really, but it's pretty fun just to blow your mind how great the doodawatzi that makes it work is! (Via Essay Typer)

*Talking about plagiarism, there have been a few waves in the book blogging world about this particular issue. There are some specific posts around on the latest controversy, but for an insightful and personal look into the issue I'd recommend checking out Belle's post on the subject. (Via Belle's Bookshelf)


  1. That is such a good post, just on plagiarism in general- because it's true, literally what is the point of even blogging if you're just going to rip other people off? It's not a thing that's ever even crossed my mind, so, yeah. Bad times!

  2. I know right?! Why not take a break if you're having trouble coming up with ideas? Or if it's lost its fun then stop it altogether.

    It's insane how common it is.

  3. Oh yay - thank you for linking. I actually finished Volume 2 a few days ago and I didn't like it even nearly as much.

    Haha, I've never seen that Essay Typer thing before but it's genius! :D

  4. Oh no! We've got it on order, so I'll probably read it in the next week or two. I hope I'm not too disappointed, that first trade was so brilliant. Damn Stephen King for not sticking around!



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