Friday, March 16, 2012

Fanart Friday: Neil Gaiman's Sandman

It's no secret that Nylon Admiral is a Neil Gaiman appreciation blog, but it's been taking me quite awhile to make my way through his seminal work, the Sandman graphic novel series. I'm nowhere near finished it yet (it's huge guys!) but I'm loving it more and more with each trade, especially the title character Sandman (AKA Morpheus). The characterisation in this graphic novel is phenomenal, and when you combine that with the artwork by the collection of outstanding contributing artists, it's not hard to see why this series is so well loved. So in honour of Neil Gaiman and his splendid graphic novel, here are a collection of art pieces by artists equally as enamoured with his work as me. Be sure to click through the links and see the rest of their impressive galleries.

Sandman Sketch by TimKelly

The Sandman: Prince of Stories by Crystal (redheaded-step-child)

Sandman and Death by SaraRichard

Sketchy. The Sandman by Kidnotorious


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