Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Links

*One of my favourite comic artists, Paul Duffield (of Freak Angels fame) wrote a great blog post about sexism in comics (Via the Paul Duffield blog).

*Stephen Fry has spoken up in the Hobbit bar legal debate. (Via the Guardian)

*The Sydney Writers' Centre has launched Australia's Best Blog(ger) competition and are open for entries. Just thought that was something that would be...interesting to know...(Via Sydney Writers' Centre)

*Really great bookmarks/shelves...I'd need about 500 though! (Via Geek Sugar)


  1. THE HOBBIT IS MY FAVOURITE PUB IN THE UNIVERSE! I went to University in Southampton, and well, The Hobbit's the best! The evil movie guys who own the name have pretty much given in now :)

  2. I want to go there so badly, so I'm glad to hear it is as wonderful as it looks!!



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