Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Links

*The book trailer for Irvine Welsh's new book Skag Boys, the prequel to Trainspotting. 

*A church has been coverted into a bookstore. This is AMAZING, fly me to Holland NOW! (Via My Modern Met)

*A really comprehensive look at the best ways to create a digital magazine (Via Net Magazine)

*Can you guess the author simply by reading their prose? (Via Flavorwire)

*An unbelievably detailed and well thought out map of Panam (Hunger Games world) (Via Livejournal)


  1. Prequel to Trainspotting! How exciting!!!!!!

  2. The images of that book shop is amazing. I had to pin a few on pintrest.

    I am the only Scot that I have ever come across who doesn't particularly like Trainspotting. I have the good grace though to be a little ashamed of that but I can't deny it.

  3. I know Laura! I can't wait, I hope it lives up to my expectations though.

    @Karen, I've marked it down as a must-see when I finally head over to Europe. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking an empty suitcase to fit in all the books I'll likely buy from all the book stores I intend to visit!

    It's definitely a very particular style which isn't everyone's cup of tea, you shouldn't be ashamed about it just because you're Scottish!



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