Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Links

*The book trailer for Murakami's new book 1Q84 due out in October. I haven't read any Murakami yet but the concept of this book looks wild, so maybe this will be my first trip in.

*Polly Courtney drops her publisher at book launch for pigeon-holing her book as chick lit and chooses to stick with self-publishing to retain creative control.

*25 depressing portraits of closed bookstores. Made me sad :(

*Possibly the best 'Letter of note' ever, a letter from Marge Simpson to the (former) first lady Mrs Bush!

*I want this cake! It's beautiful and amazing and best of all, it's bookish! It looks way too complex for me to attempt but maybe someone more talented in the kitchen could whip it up and invite me over to partake in the tasting (I'm looking at you Laura Rowsell!)

*Superheroes as fetuses. So freaking cute, but kinda weird/disturbing also!

*More book sculptures! These are amazing works of art and perfectly capture the awesome force of imagination that books contain.


  1. That cake looks so... I mean, how do you even... yeah, it's way beyond my skills! Also, there's waaaay too much fondant on it which is just a big cake ruiner if you ask me (Still... I'm impressed. Hehe).
    ps nudge- can you swap the w and s in my surname? Common mistake to make! But yeah :)

  2. Whoops Sorry!! All fixed!

    I completely agree about the fondant. It makes the cake look pretty but blechhh. Worst thing about wedding cakes!

  3. Fondant is about the only good part of wedding cakes, and I don't even like fondant! Bleurgh to fruitcake and marzipan! I might have to make my own wedding cake just to make sure it's awesome ;) (don't you love my modesty?!)

  4. Wedding cakes can be terrible, they sacrifice taste for appearance. I'm going to have the tastiest and best looking wedding cake, even if I have to taste every cake made by every cake-maker in Brisbane!

  5. Those are some pretty awesome book sculptures!



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