Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Wrap Up

 Another month down. 2011 began a blink ago and we're already in the 9th month? Incidentally, September is one of my favourite months, so I'm not so sad that August is over. It's spring and on the 15th I celebrate my birthday! Even without the awesomeness of my birth's anniversary September is looking pretty huge. Not only do I have my thesis due date looming (Oct 21st) but a good friend is getting married (which brings all those other wedding events like the Hen's Party), I'm volunteering at the Brisbane Writers Festival once again and then there's general life to get on top of! Anyway, let's not get ahead of myself. August has just finished and it's been a pretty quiet month reading wise. I've gotten through the rest of the Game of Thrones books and reviewed my first author requested book, Brightwing, but otherwise I haven't made a huge dint in my reading or challenge lists.

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8 books and 8 films.

3 books and 2 films so far. No improvement from last month :(


Books Read:

Films watched:

Next to read:
The Great Gatsby -Graphic novel adaptation by Nicki Greenberg

Next to watch:
Blade Runner (1982) starring Harrison Ford, Sean Young and Rutger Hauer

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Aim: Avid Reader (2 books per month)- changed from the original aim of casual reader (1 book per month)

Progress: I finished two books, but at the moment I've only got the one review up on the blog. The next should be up in a day or so.

Books read:
Kingdom Come by JG Ballard - An interesting novel set on the precipice of our world an a dystopian world.
Read my review here.

Under Stones by Bob Franklin - A series of short stories that look at the more depressing, mundane and naturally horrific side of life.
Review to come.

Next to read: TBA

Aim: 75

Progress: 54 read so far. According to GoodReads I'm currently five books ahead.

Books read:
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin - A good read but a definite decrease in quality from the previous books.
Read review here.(Warning! Spoilers!)

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R Martin - The latest installment. Not bad, but not great.
Read review here. (Warning! Spoilers!)

Freakangels by Warren Ellis - The series is finally complete. A little sad to see the end of it to be honest! I didn't review this specific book but you can read my review of the series here.

Anything New:
*I completed my readathon to raise money for MS Australia. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to dedicate to a really serious 'sit down and read' session so I only read 8 books but I did manage to raise $890 so I'm feeling pretty happy!

*I've put my Fanart Friday posts on hold for the time being. Once my thesis has been sent off to the examiners I'll have a lot more time to dedicate to rummaging through the hundreds and thousands of works of art on Deviant Art. Any requests for my first week back (28/10/11)?


  1. Yikes! Good luck with your upcoming thesis! We also did a pretty good job of ignoring the Books to Movies Challenge this past month... Here's to a great September!

  2. I think it sounds like you had a great month considering. Congrats on raising all that money. Think that's quite good going considering you are also working on your thesis (even without that it's good going).

    Sorry to hear that the Game of Thrones books go downhill from book four. Wonder if the pressure has gotten to the author. Looking forward to the rest anyways.



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