Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Links

*It looks like the latest cycle of zombie-mania has finally reached an end. After this film it'll well and truly be down the toilet...

*My favourite Brisbane cinema, the Tribal Theatre, is closing down. It's sad days for those of us who like to watch cult films in their original form and are hungry for the latest films that are a little to weird or arty for the standard cinemas but for any of you Brisbane/Queensland readers I recommend you check them out before they close. They've got some fantastic films showing at the moment, Raging Bull, The Wizard of Oz, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World to name a few. They will be missed!

*Megan Amram has written a fantastic piece about September 11 that focuses less on the event and more on the danger of closing your mind and the beauty of life. A wonderful piece and just perfectly encapsulated some of the things that have been travelling around my head lately.

*I don't know about you but I have a bit of a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. New York Magazine has a bit of a write up about Zooey and her new show (which looks a little shit if you ask me!) and it's interesting if only to meet my Zooey Deschanel daily quota!

*Brisbane Writers Festival is over once again, and as I'm sure you expected I had a blast! I didn't take my camera with me (I never do when I need it) but check out their facebook page to take a look at some of the pictures taken of wonderful authors and writing-related people discussing all kinds of wonderful topics.

*It's my birthday on Thursday! I'm going to celebrate by spending the entire day behind my computer working on my thesis and hopefully managing to take a break to see Fright Night and have a nice dinner with the boyfriend. Why am I always busy on my birthday?!

Just a short list this week, I'll have a review up later this week but I'll be absent for much of the next 6 weeks. Don't forget me though, I'll try to update reviews and posts whenever I get a chance!


  1. I have a raging girl crush on Zooey Deschanel! I'm not sure about her new show, mostly because I think all sitcoms have basically been ruined by Friends and nothing will ever be that good again! But we shall see...

  2. I haven't watched friends in ages! My old housemate used to have the entire season and we'd watch it so often, good times!

    I think this show will be a little sacharine for my tastes, I can barely make it through the entire trailer!



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