Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Links

*Stephen Colbert + Stephen King in matching outfits holding hands is almost too awesome for my brain to comprehend! Thanks to the tumblr Awesome People Hanging Out Together for this bit of magic!

* Uproxx posted the 15 Exceptionally Haunting Movie Cinemagraphs and they are definitely worth a look over!!Basically a cinemagraph is a GIF where only a certain aspect of the image moves. There is a tumblr dedicated to them, but check out the uproxx link for some rather terrifying images, some take awhile to move so the tension build up is quite fantastic. Enjoy!

*My favourite bookish zombie blog is Swedish Zombie. In case you can't tell from the name it's a Swedish blog so you'll need to google translate it (unless you happen to know Swedish) but it's definitely worth it!

*Flavorwire listed 10 unconventional bookstores awhile ago, but I just came across it in my bookmarks folder so I thought I'd finally share it with you all!

*I occasionally dabble in baked goods, mainly when a birthday is coming up, and I think this cake will be my next attempt. It's four layers of the most exquisite blue shades topped with blueberries....mmmmmmm!

*This is more for the girls but I found the most gorgeous little clutch bag shaped like a book over as ASOS! It's quite darling! Maybe not as cute as the ones by Olympia Le-Tan, but far more wallet friendly!

*He's a permanant fixture in my sidebar on the right but I think I should reiterate how fantastic Neil Gaiman's blog is!


  1. I love Stephen Colbert and that pic is awesomesauce- thanks for posting it!!!

  2. Eeeeeeeee, Stephens King and Colbert! I had completely forgotten about the awesome people hanging out together tumblr, and top of the page when I went over there? Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney! AWESOME! Thanks for the reminder Kayleigh :)

  3. I knew I wouldn't be the only one to appreciate the fantastico nature of the Stephen2 picture! I love how King looks like he's channeling Carrie or something!

    Oooh Laura I saw that picture! It's a good day when I get to see some JD!



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