Friday, October 4, 2013

The Correctioning; an introduction post

Intro posts are weird right?

Like I get why we do them, but I always feel a little like I'm in AA for the first time.

Hi, my name is Kayleigh Murphy. I'm a book blogger and English lit graduate and I've never read any Franzen before.

I'm not sure why I avoid Franzen. I mean, I've heard he's a colossal dick, but that hasn't stopped me from reading other authors in the past and I only heard that well after reading glossy reviews for books like Freedom and The Corrections. 

Maybe it's because I heard about him during my undergrad days where I basically avoided literary authors on principle because of all the lit-snob douches in my classes who were too busy kissing people like Franzen's ass to admit that they were just jealous that genre authors like Stephen King make bank AND write awesome books. That was a really long sentence, and I'm sorry for that.

Or maybe it's because his books are freaking HUGE and I just haven't been able to bring myself to sit down and read something when I have a high probability of disliking it. Because I just read the opening line to The Corrections and I'm thinking that me and this book are not going to be bros. Sometimes I just take awhile to get into the rhythm of literary fiction, what with the unnecessary amount of words used to describe wind and the colour of a tree and bullshit like that. So I am hoping that around page 50 I'll settle in and be able to actively engage with the characters and the story and this can be a fun and happy gif-filled readalong. But thankfully, thankfully, since I'm doing this with all of you lovely ladies (just ladies right? If there's a dude present I apologise) it will still be fun and gif-filled even if the book is terrible.

On the gif-front I have found myself a bunch of awesome "I hate this" themed gifs that I hope to use sparingly (but expect to use often), plus a bunch of squeee gifs in case I end up loving it AND a bunch of Lee Pace gifs in case it all just becomes too unbearable. Oh oh, and a huge THANK YOU to Alley for hosting this mammoth of a book. It's going to be awesome, no matter what

!I'm feeling pretty damn ready guys. LET'S DO THIS!


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