Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Links

*If I could meet any celebrity I think I'd choose Tom Hanks. It's not even an acting admiration thing, he just seems like a genuinely awesome dude who never disappoints. Anyway, this is a long way around to pointing out that he did an AMA. (Via Reddit)

*Remember that time I ruined Rugrats for some of you (Laura? I'm pretty sure it was you)? Anyway, Funny or Die put together a live action video which reboots the show as a thriller. It's pretty great AND it has some Arrested Development alum, so double yay! (Via Funny or Die)

*Ever wondered what David Bowie's top 100 books are? Well, here ya go! (Via The Independent)

*Hey #MonthofFranzy ladies, here's some relevant douchebaggery to lead into our first section read. Franzen is hitting out against twitter...again. (Via Teleread)

*P.S It's not too late to jump on the The Corrections readalong Alley is hosted this month. Come on, you know you want to hate read it as much as the rest of us! (Via What Red Read)


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