Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Links

*^^Sinead O'Connor and Miley Cyrus mash-up. I kinda dig the hell out of it.

*Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize of Literature, so yay for lady writers! But then booo, because I haven't read any Munro and I feel bad about that. BUT, here's a handy introduction guide to her writing (Via The Millions)

*In case you were wondering if Bret Easton Ellis has already been a pretentious dick about it, yes, yes he has. (Via Twitter)

*A list of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's best 'little bads'. I really, really want to rewatch the series now (Via Buzzfeed)

*Stephen Spielberg is creating a lady astronaut TV show and Halle Berry is going to be in it. (Via Jezabel)

*These photos of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in New York make me really sad that I'm not best friends with them already. (Via Uproxx)

*Still need some short stories for RIP VIII? Here are 7 Poe stories you can read for free on the internets. (Via Flavorwire)

*Because Halloween, awesome costumes for little girls. Best costume? Teeny suffragette (#24) (Via Buzzfeed)

*I finally got around to signing up to Bloglovin'. You can follow through the linky on the side of the page or through this handy little link riiiiiiight here > (Via Bloglovin')


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