Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nylon Admiral: Coming to a US/Canadian City Near You!

To come meet me in America
Oh man, I'm really sorry for starting this off with that terrible picture/joke guys. But seriously, how could I possibly avoid it when writing about organising meet-ups in the US? And to be perfectly honest, if we do catch up you can probably expect the same level of lame jokes peppered through every damn thing I say. So...just a warning.

My holiday is a go!* I have a couple of longer-distance flights to book, but my accommodation is all in, the dates are set, and I am beginning to work out how many thing I can smoosh into every single day. And one of the things I want to smoosh in is meeting all of you pretty people.

So during December/January I am going to be in LA, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal. If you are in/near any of those places and interested in catching up for coffee or bookshop hunts or boozing it up then let me know! I figure it's not so great an idea to broadcast where I'll be and when on the internets, but if you email me at nadmiral.blog(@)gmail(.)com I will give you ALL THE DETAILS (just promise me you aren't serial killers/rapists masquerading as book bloggers - that would be the worst) and we will make this shit happen!


*Assuming your government gets their shit together asap- otherwise good luck to me getting my visa and actually getting to see things!


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