Friday, May 4, 2012

Fanart Friday: Cinna from The Hunger Games

Cinna was easily one of my favourite characters in The Hunger Games. He was so understated and sensible, yet still managed to stand out as an individual. He had a great heart, an enviable capacity for understanding but he isn't afraid to show a little attitude when the time calls for it. Without spoiling anything, I wish he'd had a larger role in the books. Then again, perhaps if he'd been a more central character I would have tired of him, or he'd have done something obnoxious that tainted his early presence. Who could ever know? Anyway, here are a series of pictures of this wonderful minor character. Be sure to click through the links and see the rest of the artwork by these phenomenal artists.

THG: Cinna by Minuiko

Cinna by Akanei-Run

Cinna 01 by MirandaFear


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