Sunday, February 27, 2011

A brief hello and book challege update

My life is a mess of stress right now, I moved into my beautiful new house and had two friends come up to stay the day after we moved in (while our house was still a maze of boxes!) and on the first day of their trip I found out I had been accepted into my post-grad studies and had to come to the orientation which was to happen at 12pm that day. It was 10am at that point! Since then I've been running around trying to enrol and sort out classes, unpack the new house, clean the old house, work, organise internet at the new place (which we're still without) and at some point manage to get at least 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night! Unfortunately even as I tick things off my to-do list more things are added or other items stubbornly refuse to leave the list so my presence on this blog has well and truly suffered.

Amazingly I have actually managed to get some reading in, mostly graphic novels and mostly late, late at night when I can't sleep because of the stress whirring through my body or at the crack of dawn when I am up and unable to do half of the things on the list because nowhere is open! Other than helping me calm down and de-stress these books are helping me cut down on my target for the 2011 book challenge!

I've added the Goodreads challenge widget to my sidebar, keep an eye on my progress and keep your eyes peeled for the reviews that I'll start posting once I have the internet at my house and less that 100 things bearing down on me!!

Edit: It appears that Goodreads don't count graphic novels towards your total books read which I think is a pretty terrible offence so I'm going to keep a separate running tally here on my blog where I will count graphic novels because I do count them as books!

So far in 2011 I have read:

The Walking Dead, book 1. (Robert Kirkman)
30 Days of Night (Steve Niles)
30 Days of Night: Dark Days (Steve Niles)
30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow (Steve Niles)
Freakangels, book 1 (Warren Ellis)
Skin and other Stories  (Roald Dahl)
No Hope For Gomez (Graham Parke)

Edit #2: I'm an idiot! I had been entering the books I'd read straight into Goodreads as 'read' rather than 'currently reading' then moving on to 'read' so there is the answer to my problem! It came to me last night in bed, so now I've rectified the issue on Goodreads and my little side bar widget should be all up to date now. Idiot!


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