Friday, February 4, 2011

The aftermath

all photos courtesy of

These are pictures of Cairns post Cyclone Yasi and while I thank god that most of the damage in my home town was rather superficial (trees and fences knocked down primarily) the devastation further south is much more severe. Early footage of Tully and Innisfail is heartbreaking, especially considering they had only just begun to recover from 2006's Cyclone Larry, but what fills me with fear is that Cardwell, the town expected to have been worst hit, is still inaccessible. Cardwell was evacuated before Yasi hit but reports have stated that 100 people are unaccountable, and assumed to have stayed in their homes, whether from a foolish belief that they could beat Yasi or because they simply couldn't leave. So far there has only been one fatality, and this comes down not to the overreaction of weather experts about Yasi but the fact that we were so well prepared. My fingers are crossed that all is well in Cardwell and that all affected by Yasi can rebuild and recover in the shortest time possible.

EDIT: For a much more indepth photographic display of the aftermath of cyclone Yasi please go here, they make the photos I posted here look like child's play (not in terms of photographic skill but in the devestation they display).


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