Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bookfest treats!

Once or twice a year Brisbane holds the wonderful Lifeline Bookfest, a week long massive second hand book sale. As well as raising money for a wonderful charity this sale is responsible for adding a significant pile of titles to my overflowing bookcase each year. This year was a little disappointing, normally I walk out with several beautiful old (and often out of print) editions of Dickens or Greene or Shakespeare for absolutely bargain prices, but I failed to find anything like that this time. That said there were a couple of real winners that I managed to scoop up, namely a wonderfully retro copy of John Updike's Rabbit Redux, an Anthony Burgess novel that isn't A Clockwork Orange (rare as ducks teeth here in Aus) and three Stephen King titles on my TBR list. And really, any day you come home with this many books and only spend $16 is a winner right?!

2011's Bookfest finds were:
Tom Wolfe - A Man in Full
Stephen King- Four Past Midnight
Stephen King- Pet Semetary
Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Ultimatum
Robert Ludlum- The Bourne Supremacy
Nick Hornby- Juliet Naked
John Updike- Rabbit Redux
Roald Dahl- My Uncle Oswald
JK Rowling - HP and the Philosopher's Stone
Anthony Burgess - The Doctor is Sick
Stephen King- Delores Clairborne
Michael Crichton- The Terminal Man


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