Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday Links

Hey look what's back! *waves furiously*

*New trailer for A Long Way Down. This was actually my least favourite of Nick Hornby's books, it's not bad by any measurement but it just felt...meh? Anyway, I'm totally on board for a film with Aaron Paul REGARDLESS of what I thought of the book.

*The latest silly body trend is apparently the bikini bridge (and actually not a trend, something 4Chan tried to launch) and this article tries to clarify that being against a stupid (usually unattainable) trend doesn't mean you're against people who do conform to that trend. (Via Your Friends House)

*I know we all know what Hogwarts house we'd be in but does that mean we can't take part in another Sorting Hat quiz? Of course it doesn't (Via Buzzfeed)

*This is a pretty decent little op-ed about different types of feminism. I.e. A call to stop bashing each other when we all basically want the same thing (Via The Hoopla)

* #ReadWomen2014 is pretty great you guys. I would like all of those bookmarks please and thank you. (Via Buzzfeed)

*Over at Belle's Bookshelf there is a part by part recap of Garden of Shadows by V.C Andrews. It's amazing and disturbing and I'm hoping Belle will be able to make it through all of the books! (Via Belle's Bookshelf)


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